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At NuAge, we follow a simple module based development approach with clear short term deliverables so as to keep track of all the projects and interact extensively withs the client to make sure they are aware of the development stage of the project. his is part of the DSDM/Agile project delivery frameworks. Our methodology consists of the following broad points.

Requirements Modelling   Analysis & Planning   Application Design   Application Development   Testing   Maintenance & Evolution


Requirements Modelling

The first and most crucial step for a project is to get the requirements right. If the collected requirements are wrong, the project is doomed from the start itself even if everything else is executed perfectly. NuAge follows a rigorous requirement gathering and modelling process where the project so demands. we use:

  • Data modelling
  • Use case modelling
  • Event driven partitioning
  • The Volere template
  • And other facilities available in UML, in collaboration with the end users and clients to get the requirements understood and signed off by the clients before proceeding further.
Analysis & Planning

During the analysis and planning phase we do the following .

  • Requirements Analysis and Validation
  • Technology suitability assessment\Feasibility study
  • Functional specifications documentation
  • Time and resource estimation for the project
  • Detailed task list and deliverables for design phase

At each stage we keep the client involved in order to minimize any communication gaps

Application Design

The design is documented using UML standards. The Software Design Process consists of the following salient features

  • Design and architecture overview and documentation
  • UI Design
  • Reusable and extendable components identification
  • Component Diagrams
  • Sequence Diagrams
  • Class diagrams where needed
  • Scheduling the implementation phase based on time box approach
  • Deciding the time boxes and associated deliverables for each time box
  • Rapid pre-implementation prototyping (Low and hi fidelity)
Application Development

NuAge follows an iterative development phase where we develop the project in small deliverable modules and keep the clients in constant touch so they know exactly what is being developed. The salient features of our implementation phase are

  • Timeboxed development with no timebox being greater than 2 weeks
  • Each timebox associated with deliverables
  • Client feedback after every timebox ensuring requirements compliance
  • Rock solid change management process
  • Debugging Application performance tuning
  • Verification and validation
  • Documentation

Any application developed by NuAge goes through the following testing cycle:

  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • System and functional testing by test team
  • User acceptance testing
Maintenance and Evolution

Once an application has been delivered to a client they may choose to maintain it or NuAge can maintain it. Our services during this phase would include:

  • Fixing applications for a move from one version of base platform to another
  • Releasing patches for any issues discovered after release into production
  • Adding new features to the application

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