Integrating Salesforce with other enterprise systems as well as point to point connections to other tools like Cirrus Insight, Webmerge etc that enhance Salesforce productivity are both essential needs.

We can do both real time and batch data integrations to both oData enabled as well as other systems like ERPs, Accounting systems, Web sites, custom .NET/Java applications etc. using SOAP APIs, REST/RESTful APIs, Canvas apps etc. The integration can be at functional level where some process is kick started in another enterprise application when an event happens in Salesforce or a process can be started in Salesforce by an external application calling a web service written in Salesforce.

Integrations need not necessarily be about events and processes. They can also be about sharing data between 2 enterprise systems. We can help with both large, batch integrations and real time granular data exchanges.

Our team of experts can increase your Sales team's productivity by integrating with productivity enhancing tools like

To name a few.

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